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When three troubled souls are brought together by a young girl on her tricycle and a series of mysterious events in a park, they discover that they all may be linked to the same tragic,

Absolute Truth: A Restorative Justice Story

The story of a mother and father who fight to seek the truth, face-to-face, from the individuals who murdered their son.

Absolute Truth - Ray and Vi Donovan
Under the Jericho Sun

Under the Jericho Sun

A rendezvous for vital enemy information goes wrong and leaves two British soldiers and their contact to flee from a key German Air Base across the dangerous North African Desert. The last available plane is deployed to find them and recover the information; a deadly Stuka dive-bomber. In the race to escape, the desert road runs out and they become stranded on an exposed ridge. With time and options running out, they must fight to survive as Stukas, snakes and suspicion close in around them.

Foxtrot One One

August 1966…
Beatlemania is at its peak and England have just won the world cup. Three undercover police officers make a routine stop which results in one of the most infamous crimes in British crime history.

Foxtrot One One